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Ok let me first start off by saying I am male, and am posting this for my girlfriend who is extremely self conscious about this problem. She has rather large breasts both around a D cup, and also have two different sized breasts. I know this is normal as most girls have to different sized breasts. They aren't much different in size and they may bother her, but not too much. Now the real problem is on her right breast (the slightly larger one) her nipple is located very low on the breast. So low that it is basically at the bottom of her breast where her nipple is pointing pretty much directly at the floor. Her left nipple is also located slightly low, but no where near as low as the right one. Her left nipple is about an inch an inch and a half higher then her right one, but still kinda low and it really bothers her. Also her nipples are inverted unless cold or stimulated which is something that also bothers her. None of these things really bother me. I find her sexy and beautiful just the way she is, but if I could find some way that she can feel better about herself that would be the best. The main concern is the location of her nipples. She is a little overweight, and as I mentioned has fairly large breasts. Could that be a factor as to why? She is 17 about to turn 18, and I just want her to feel as sexy and beautiful and I think she is.


i know this was posted over a year ago, but i saw no one had replied and i know how your girlfriend feels. But tell her not to worry!! I have C cup breasts, and am perfectly happy with my left breast but my right one is larger than the other, and the nipple is much bigger and lower down, although both nipples are quite big. The left one is also less perky.. 
Being bigger does result in larger breasts, and because more percentage will be fat they are likely to be less perky = nipple lower.

Sooooo i know how she feels! I'm very self conscious of my breasts, but my boyfriend loves them and like you doesn't mind! Even though i'm still embarrassed i'm getting more comfortable about it. Tell her this, and that she shouldn't feel embarrassed because you love her and thinks she's sexy no matter what (: Buying sexy underwear will also help her to feel more beautiful.

Hope this isn't too late to help!!!