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Hey people,
I am surfing on some diets things like that and this page efreedom keeps coming up. Are those people credible for diet reviews? Besides that I found out that they have a diet programme: chasing freedom. Anyone tried their diet programme? Thanx for answer!


I am glad that people do not trust in everything that they read, especially on internet :-). But chasefreedom is valuable and credible page! Experts and visitors of page write reviews on dieting topics. I haven’t tried their diet- Chasing freedom, but I am regular visitor of their site and I saw it. I think Chase Freedom is real- it is not too promising and it is a long run diet; it includes mental preparation, which is very important, proper nutrition and by my opinion, the most important- exercise. If you are deciding for a diet, try Chase freedom. I would trust them!
Hope I helped.