I've been pretty active in different discussion forums particular on topics about skin and hair. I've heard a lot about biotin as a supplement that helps promote healthy skin hair and nails. I did a little research about biotin and found out that it's actually vitamin H which is an important part of the B Complex family which helps in metabolism 'cause it converts carbohydrates into fuel (glucose) that produces energy. Also, when biotin is used as a part of one's diet, it helps in maintaining a healthy blood sugar. I gave biotin a try, the one that I bought online

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. They have different vitamin and supplements that fit your health needs. So to speak, I tried taking hercules biotin and been taking this for almost 3 months and it shows promising results. I noticed that my hair strands more thicker and nails starts to grow and more "pinkish" looking. I might say that biotin has cosmetics benefits if you take it regularly. Biotin is your safe and effective solution to your hair, nails and skin problems. Highly recommended.:-|