OK so I’m an 18 year old male. I turn 19 next month so basically 19. I randomly had chest pain that lasted like 3 seconds that was really bad and then left. The next morning I woke up and i have chest discomfort in like my middle chest but will switch to either my left side or right side, it will also kinda hurt my arms(left and right). For a while now I’ve also had numbness/tingling feet. Also, the same morning I woke up with chest pain, I woke up with back pain. Like if I look down, my back will hurt. My chest will feel weird when I take deep breaths (also it’s more on my right chest than left). My family has a history of diabetes but idk if that could be it. Also i know I get really scared and nervous sometimes and start to shake which could also mean anxiety?? I have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday but I’m just scared incase it’s a heart attack or something.