About two days ago, I woke up and felt fine. Not too long after I was up, I was getting pain in the lower right side portion of my neck that went to my shoulder and around the front to the bone area and into that side of my throat. It hurt to take a breath..not so painful that I couldn't breath, but it hurt. When I would go to turn a certain way, it hurt and when I would bend over to pick something up, it hurt. Once I would go to bed, I would wake up feeling just fine and it would start again about an hour after. I got up this morning and my right side is absolutely fine but now it is on the left side. So, I took a couple of deep breaths to see if it bothered my lungs and I was fine with that, just when I moved a certain way and even just sitting at my computer and taking short breaths, it hurts. I also noticed today that the glands on the side of my neck under my chin area seem a tad big swollen..I am starting to freak out thinking I am having a heart attack, but I have no chest pain or any other pain. Not sure what to think.