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I am a 13 year old and last night woke up with chest pain and still am in it. I exercised randomly and vigorously then I ever had, I don't exercise much though, I just started track at my school but missed a week and just jumped in, i had leg pain and strain adn then i went to bed around 10:32 and woke up at 1:02 now its 3:11 and im staring to get worried. I took my shirt and bra off too seek maybe relef but it didnt help much


Hi bushyfox

Although it is good to exercise, always do exercise that you can repeat on a daily basis. One day suddenly into vigorous exercise can lead to sudden build of lactic acid in muscles and that causes severe pain. Slow and stdeadily body develops resistance to exercise. Always a sports bra during exercise and it is always good NOT to wear bra during night - it helps lympathic system around breasts to balance itself out. Take a warm shower before going to bed. Good luck