Hi i'm 19 year old female and ever since a night if partying I've been suffering from left chest pain, left arm numbness, (last night it looked like my left hand swelled, but i woke up with it normal size) sometimes left foot numbness, headaches, sore neck, and fatigue.
I did party hard that night before going to the hospital (moderate amount of drinking, smoked weed, and did 1/4 of coke line. I must say that i don't do any of these frequently! it was my 2nd time ever doing cocaine, a month since last drinking, and maybe a week since smoking) i told the doctors all of this and they thought it was the coke because of the heart pulse it induces, but the pain remained after and the more i thought of it i remembered that 5 days before the partying i had chest discomfort without being under any kind of influence.
The hospital ran tests and everything came back negative (ekg, echo, xray, blood pressure was normal, so was heart rate). I've never been dizzy, or had shortness of breath.
It's now been 72 hours it doesn't seem to be improving. i have another follow up appointment but im worried. the doctors said it may be inflammation of the chest wall.
can anyone tell me what's going on??