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I am a female, and i am going to be 18 in 3 weeks. I weigh 110lbs and am 5'5" Since before christmas, I have had pain in my lower back, mostly on the left side. About two weeks ago I was told that I have mono, but the back pain was the only indicator since I haven't had fever or a sore throat. I was told that it was not contagious, and to continue my days as normal except to stop Cheerleading. My back pain is getting worse. Today I have had chest pain occasionally, but it is worse when I am lying down, I feel lightheaded, and when I took my blood pressure it was 121/91 with a heart rate of 125 bpm. I have been noticing heart palpitations and I can often feel them in my legs.

Any idea of what this could be?


Your high pulse rate and heart palpitation may have been a result of your back pain. You may have a kidney infection. See a doctor as soon as possible.