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For a long time I’m suffering from allergy. Well it is hard to be cured. So one tried homeopathy, others sedative drugs, diets and so on. Well, as for me I’m trying not to eat my “no list” products, but what can I do with dust or other things, for example cold. I tried a lot of anti-allergic pills, and stopped on CETRIZIN HEXAL, yes it has great sedative effect than other products from third generation but It really helps! I used to ordering from online pharmacies, my most trusted pharmacies are: Pharmaenergy and Rxpharmacy24. I am ready to pay hundred to get meds from Europe, and I like this med.


Hello there,

I am suffering from allergies as well and I am avoiding drinking anything except antihistamines. It is hard to deal with allergies and I am trying to avoid all the things that triggers allergy attack. When it comes to the dust that is really hard, and the only way is to have just few things in the apartment or house.

But if you have find great solution for your problems than I envy you, but also I can’t pay that much money for medications, and I don’t believe in inline pharmacies. So, I presume that I will continue to do like did till now and hope that someday they will discover the way to cure every allergy.