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19 years old, female
been happening randomly for a while, the past years
but now more often and severe...

chest pain, (heart beating hard), breathing hurts, hard to breathe, lower throat pain

i probably have anxiety or panic attacks???

also, different i think below...
this happened a couple of time in the past, i havent has this recently,
the last time, was the worst

at night while sleeping, for the longest time like half an hour to an hour,
i couldnt move, my body was still
breathe, chest pain, could feel and hear my heartbeat loud but yet very slowly,
it was painful, there were tears
i couldnt/wouldnt open my eyes, in my mind telling, willing myself to wake up,move, open my eyes and breathe normally
remove the pain etc
and, not sure if this sound okay or not but there was this low "beep" sound i was hearing like at the back of my mind

then at the end, i dont remember, i think i past/blacked out, became unconscious





What you describe sure sounds like anxiety attack – the worst part about anxiety is that can create really mean cycle which leads to attack all on its own: you get worried or anxious about something and anxiety amplifies your sense of regular body functions like breathing or heartbeat. The more anxious you get the more these functions become irregular, even to the point that your vocal cords or abdominal muscles tighten or twitch. And all these signs of anxiety tend to get worse at nighttime. Was anything emotionally important happening before this happened for the first time? Did you maybe notice anything that you could link to this?


ah okay,

yes, family problems, pressure, school etc do i get my anxiety to stop?

i know, calming down and relaxing