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I've had a bunch of weird health issues over the last few months that have all gotten progressively worse and still have yet to find out why it's been happening, what's going on, or how to fix it.

-What got me looking into all of this in the first place was shortness of breath. I went from running 5 miles in the sand and going to the gym for an hour about 4 times a week to not being able to do either or without being in pain or completely struggling to breathe within a month. (May to June)- In the middle of July while on a hike my heart felt like it was beating really hard and I noticed I could see my pulse through my skin (center of chest, right above abdomen right below chest).  This alarmed me because I had been eeling constant chest tightness/pressure since June

-I also started refluxing food for the first time in my life starting in June, and was prescribed Zantac for two months - - - It did nothing for me

Recently I had a stress test, EKG, and ultrasound of the ab and heart region - all came back normal. Since June I've had a CBC, Metabolic Panel, Cholesterol, and Thyroid blood tests - all came back normal.

I also had an endoscopy performed and he took a biopsy. Biopsy showed that I have Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Apparently that's a fancy word for inflammatory allergic reaction and so I'm going to see an allergist referred to me by my Gastro on Friday.  If anyone knows any more about this - or if it could be the cause for everything - please let me know. I don't really know anything about this.

For at least two of the 4 months now I've been waking up everyday with gas pains, I feel it everywhere in my abdomen, and my chest constantly feels like something is pressing down on it.    I'd also like to state that being able to see my pulse like this IS NOT NORMAL.  Like i mentioned earlier I worked out and ran a lot before all of this started happening, I know my body and I'm not seeing it now for the first time "because I'm thin" whatever's going on with me has to be connected to why my pulse is suddenly visible (especially whenever I hike or ride a bike, it looks like something is trying to pop out of my chest!)


If anyone has any idea what's going on with me I would love to hear it.   I'm stumped and I'm running out of money, I want my life back.


You need to start yoga to get relief from all disease. Along with yoga healthy diet is also necessary.