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What have you done with your clothing sensitive child that has helped ease the frustration of getting dressed each day?


there is baby flakes that you can use to wash the clothes with.

also teatree products help.

also concider trying to treat it like exma. it could be that someone else has made progress with this way of looking at it.


also if you need to try washing in sunlight soap, but it may only be sold in certian countries.

hope this helps



My daughter has shown tactile sensativities since birth and while at first I thought it was a 'girl thing' (with her forever changing her clothes & being 'particular') the situation however escalated by age 3.5 to her only tolerating two potato sack style dresses and never having worn socks or underwear. ANY type of spontaneous excursion or planned event became a nightmare- as getting dressed for ANYTHING was a beyond believable event- with staying home being simply easier.
I tried EVERY type of clothing, material & even clothing recommended for special needs children- nothing worked.
She seemed uncomfortable in her body and the ONLY thing that seemed to comfort her was my EXTREME patience.
She cried insessantly, was quick to anger and became obsessive about getting dry after bathing & pottying. Lotions made her feel 'wet' and were not acceptable.
It was becoming more & more difficult to live a 'normal' life and was only tolerable due to my being a stay at hime mom, w/ a flexible schedule.
After it being suggested twice, I finally made the leap towards a NON GLUTEN diet for her and after just ONE WEEK, she has changed her clothes & is wearing more of her clothes than she has in TWO YEARS. She's happy, patient and a joy to be around!
I feel like I have been living the most bizarre life these past two years & now witnessing the most incredible miracle- just by changing her diet!
My poor daughter has been a prisoner in her body all this time, I'm so sorry!


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