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I have noticed that for the past 2 years i want to say that I've been growing hair along my chest area and chin as well. It's like a trail of hair in between as well as the top area. Onto my chin area it's hair as well, and when I scratch it, it's like white stuff appears. It is mad embarrassing, and the information i'm obtaining is making me nervous , at the fact i may have a medical condition . My mom knows about it, but she doesn't say anything, and when i do bring it up, she's like what is a doctor going to do ? Blah blah blah the usual. It brings my self esteem low, as well as my confidence even lower. 


Hi there

Body hair especially chest and chin or facial hair in a female is a cause of hormonal imbalance. If you are on growth drugs, exercising too much - chances are you are having more of androgenic hormones. In worst case scenario this is known hirsutism and a female can have excessive growth on body. There are several reasons, I will recommend that you visit a doctor - and he will arrange for suitable tests and medications. Good luck