Hi, my boyfriend got a full sexual health screening in April and he tested negative for all. I have not been with anybody else since then and neither has he. Couple of weeks ago, he had a Urinary Tract Infection and was put on some antibiotics. When the medication didn't clear it up, he went back to the clinic and got tested for Chlamydia and the results came back positive today. I haven't been with anyone since his last test, nor has he. I also had a bacterial vaginosis 3 weeks ago and started to notice more vaginal discharge of late. I have gone to go get tested but I'm waiting for results as well. Is there any way it could have been contracted some way other than sex. Also, I read that if chlamydia is symptomatic in the body, it shows usually within 1-3 weeks. Is this accurate or could it have been lying dormant?