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When I was 16 years old I tested positive for chlamydia and was treated. Then tested again and it was negative. I recently found out that I am pregnant and they tested me for all STD'S and they all camelse back negative except the chlamydia it came back inconclusive does this mean I still have it or should I get retested and retreated for it please let me know.any advice is welcome.


Hi guest,

Get retested. 

Chlamydia is a bacterial infection.  Antibiotics kill the bacteria - so you were cured, as indicated by the negative test.  It does not provide any immunity however.  You can become infected again.

You may/may not be infected, we can't know. 

Get retested.  If it is still "inconclusive" then discuss your options with your doctor.  Most likely it would be a different antibiotic.  You DO need to make sure that you do not have chlamydia as it can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.  You can also pass it on to your baby.

Good luck.