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Long story short, my long-term boyfriend cheated on me almost five months ago. We're working things out but I am beyond frustrated with what is going on right now.


I was recently tested as a precaution. My lab results came back, I was positive for chlamydia. I went in and took my antibiotics that night. It has been exactly a week since I have taken the antibiotic.

I tell my partner, he feels like a complete loser. He goes in and gets tested... the results came back this morning. Negative. HOW? I have had one sexual partner, ever. I have never messed around or had any sexual contact with anyone else. He logged into his online account and showed me the email from his doctor's practice. Negative.

I called one of the doctors from where I went (my doctor wasn't available) and she more or less called me a liar. I kept telling her that I have had one partner and she just kept repeating that chlamydia is only spread through sexual contact. My partner has never been treated for chlamydia or any other STDs. The doctor also told me that it isn't like a pregnancy test where there are false positives/negatives. I have only ever had ONE partner. I'm so frustrated with the situation and I'm worried he won't believe me. 

We are both getting retested, but since I've already been treated, my results should come back negative either way. This doctor left a message for my regular doctor to call me back, and I'm hoping she had more information for me.


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Hey there have you guys always used condoms? Is your bf who tested negative your only partner you have ever been with ? Have you had oral sex with anyone else?