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So about a year ago, my fiancé had a relation with his ex. A few months later she approached him and said she had chlamydia and he needed to be tested. I went to the dr, and my results came back negative. And now all of a sudden he swears he got it from me. But I tested negative. He was on antibiotics for his wisdom tooth, amd he thinks that's what cured it. But they didn't put him on Zithromax. I called my dr today and he said for the past several years of doing routine checks ups (due to my past pregnancy and cervical cancer) he assured me that I have never had anything. But my fiancé is convinced you can carry it, and not contract it. I've searched and searched and can't find anything, and my dr said this isn't true. What is it going to take to prove to him I've never had it?


Hi Copenhagen,

You can't "carry it and not get it."  It's not a virus, it does not lie dormant like herpes. 

Chlamydia is a bacteria.  Bacteria is either dead or alive.  If you have the bacteria you have chlamydia.

You can have it and not have symptoms though. 

It is unlikely that after several chlamydia tests and being in a monogamous relationship that you'd contract it however.

Hope it helps.