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I have had low total cholesterol (avg of 4 tests in 7 years= 102) and low LDL/HDL average of 0.60. I am 49 YO male, 6'2" tall and 174 lbs. Healthy in every other way as far as I know. I exercise regularly, eat varied diet, consume only small amount of alchohol. No drugs.

Is low cholesterol a problem?




HDL and LDL are independent risk factors for developing heart disease. Your HDL is zero point six?  that is very low.  Exercise, one glass of red wine per day, eating cruciferous vegetables, and munching on healthy fats like walnuts, almonds, avocados, and cooking with olive oil may raise your HDL.

The biggest risk factor for low total cholesterol is possibly depression. Otherwise, low is very good for LDL. Your HDL is a bit unnerving though, I understand. HDL removes buildup LDL from your arteries, but if your other risk factors are low for heart disease, you should be in ok shape.  Good luck fellow Low Cholesterol friend.