after a neck injury and many other pain issues i was needing to get off oxycontin and was put on Suboxone in rehab. it was hell for 2 days and then the rehab dr told me he wanted me to stay ON the suboxone for chronic pain when i left rehab after 10 days. i balked, saying i didn't want to leave rehab on just another drug, but by my 2nd day without anything they were having to order me a wheelchair again, so i tried it. it was the 1st time i'd been pain-free in many, many years so i agreed gladly to stay on it. now, after 4 1/2-plus years on it, i've finally gotten my family back so i moved nearer them overjoyed to have them back in my life. problem is now where i live there are NO Dr's who prescribe suboxone for chronic pain, closest still being where i moved from which is over a 3 hour drive each way, and i have a 20 yr old car and am not able to make that drive anyway. i have my last appt with my suboxone Dr on friday and i have to ask him what i need to do to change to a dr who can prescribe something else for my pain, & how to go about it. i am TERRIFIED. i could possibly ask for suboxone (or methadone?) for addiction where i live now but i am no longer considered an addict i'm told; i am a 'chronic pain patient.' i've been trying to take half of 1 sub strip every other day & can do that for a while, then i seem to have to 'play catch up.' i also am badly in need of dental work & no dentist's will touch me while on suboxone - i need surgery prior to getting dentures, and i have some concerns about how well dentures will even stay IN with the amount of dry mouth i have with the sub. i feel like i can't win for losing; if i end up falling back into 'addict' behavior my family will know it and i'll likely lose them again. the suboxone really HAS allowed me to live like a normal person... i keep regular hours, & i sleep well (if you don't count the nightmares) and i've even started a sorta halfway out-of-home job and am busier than i've been for probably 20 yrs. but i have also gained 30 lbs, have to force myself to eat anything that isn't sugar, & i have NO libido. i had my 1st date in years last month & i felt like i was cheating on my cat. :-( i'd really like to enjoy that part of my life again, you know? i asked my sub dr if he could give me something for the additional pain i'm having from broken teeth & was told to 'take an extra suboxone strip.' i tried that & it does NOT work. it makes me itch like crazy & i felt super depressed, like someone died. something HAS to give here, so i'm sure hoping i can get some answers from you all.