Hi, I've had chronic inflammation on one side of my nose for several years, since it was banged and the septum deviated. The pain is centred above and between my nose and my right eye, on this one side only. I saw an ENT who removed my adenoids as said there was no sinus disease but also found a polyp during this operations which he removed. This seemed to help for a while but i continued to have chronic inflammation on the same side, usually after a cold or when exposed to cigarette smoke, which seemed to send the one side of my nose into a spasm. Fed up the pressure and pain, I visited a different ENT who diagnosed the deviated septum was the cause of the pain and pressure and I had septoplasty 3 months ago. My question is how long will it take to feel the benefits? I got a cold about a month ago and since then i've experienced the same pain/pressure I always used to feel with heavy mucus (brown) discharge, on the one side only, which has lasted for 4-5 weeks. Am I likely to see an improvement in this eventually? The ENT said I still have allergic rhinitis but dont understand therefore why i get such problems on one side only. It used to feel like a tiny tube was blocked at the back of my nose, which occasionally would clear but I haven’t had this happen for years and I wonder whether the pressure / pain stems from this as opposed to the deviated septum. Any insight would be great - particularly from those who have unilateral symptoms and really bad reaction to smoke. I lived in a very smokey/dusty house after my nose was injured and i think perhaps it is now hypersensitive or never had a chance to help properly? Can it take months to see an improvement after septoplasty surgery? thanks in advance.