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Hi all. I'm hoping someone can give me answers. I have extremely cold legs, feet and hands. For the past few months, I've had a bloated stomach as well with digestion problems. I often get these sensations where it doesn't feel like my heart is even beating. I have to feel my chest to ensure it is. There are times where I feel faint, like I'm going to pass out. My brain is quite often foggy, like I'm walking through life in a daze. Please help. Doctors say nothing is wrong but they haven't checked my heart and I'm worried it's something serious.


Hi just saw this. I am having similar issues. Were you able to get answers?


Please update us... I have Haven’t felt right in almost 10 years.

At one point needed as many as 4 naps a day. Right upper quadrant pain. Blood sugar levels up and down. Man other weird symptoms.

Dec 2010 had small “Intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm” removed, many symptoms gone, felt better for couple years.

Started feeling worse, had 7mm gallstone. Had more pancreatitis.

Had gall bladder removed Oct 2013, haven’t felt good since. Gallbladder was impacted, took 3 surgeons 4 hrs to get through scar tissue and cut it out.

Currently on borderline of anemic, other blood tests oscillate between slightly wrong and acceptable.

Vitamin D was 20 a month ago.

NO ENERGY, foggy, takes hours to wake up, cant think, triglycerides and bad cholesterol up, scan last week now shows 5 nodules on liver, possibly “Focal nodular hyperplasia” that have never been seen before, kaleidoscope vision, blood pressure sometimes goes high even on meds.

Can.t get warm sometimes. This past weekend I had full long underwear on constantly day and night until noon Sunday, when in the middle of home depot I became warm and had to run to bathroom to remove long underwear.