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I came across your website and wanted to see what peoples thoughts were on what I've been experiencing.  I'm a 25 year old male, in good shape, and eat proper, but not perfect.  Earlier this year I experienced swelling and a rash (that itched) of sort on the inside of my ankles while working.  I wore ace bandages around my ankles when working and it helped the swelling, but not the rash.  I'm a server and have been so for over six years and have not experienced this problem before.  It now no longer occurs, but the inside of my ankles still have some discoloration (yellowish) and they also experience some swelling, but not at the same level as earlier this year.  I've also started to notice an increase in the amount of veins or visibility at the base of my feet (at least from what I believe was previously present), along with brown small dots (similar to freckles, but less intense brown and more prominent than freckles).  I've also been diagnosed as having Raynauds Phenomenon (in my teens), but it is not very frequent.  Basically, past a certain temperature (around freezing) my toes and my hands become numb and weak to the point I cannot put pressure on them and of course they become white.  I've visited my doctor and even a specialist, but they were not sure.  I had blood work done and nothing came back as a problem.  The specialist felt that it was Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis, but when I looked up that it did not include the swelling that I was experiencing as a symptom, but the rash was similar.  They also felt it was just bacteria/infection and would go away with time.  It has gone away, my ankles do not swell to the same extent, but this was over two months ago and I still have some discoloration like I previously mentioned.  I have also done some research on line (how I came across your site), but have not been able to figure out why I would have experienced it and especially at a young age and in good health.  I am also concerned about the brown marks, since they seem to be on the inside of my ankles.  Thank you for taking the time to read my message and any advice you may have will be appreciated.

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Blood circulation problem can be very serious. Sometimes, it is hard to set diagnose at the beginning, but that is why doctors do so many researches and tests - to see where exactly the problem is. 

You mentioned that your ankles are swelling. I was reading something about this and generally, that is a sign of very poor blood circulation.

When this is discovered on time, it is actually very easy to heal. 

I would recommend you to ask your doctor to do some other tests, for example, a blood sugar test for diabetes or ultrasound. He can also do CT scan, I am sure that this is going to help determine your health problem.

Good luck.