At about 14 or 15 I noticed one day that everything felt a bit uncomfortable down there and noticed the pimples under and around the head of my penis. I went straight to the doctor and the guy put me on caniston, the cream for thrush. Obviously that didn't work and at the time I hadn't slept with anyone so I just dealt with it. Later on in life I got a circumcision for unrelated reasons and I has helped. Obviously the sensitivity is a bit much sometimes and sex has been a bit quick a few occasions, but where the foreskin is no longer creating a protective barrier or keeping it moist, the general toughening of the skin from it being exposed to the elements, such as your underwear has taken the sensitivity down and aesthetically its unnoticeable to most women. Getting a circumcision may bring more focus to the PPP itself, but if you're young and worried, get circumcised straight away, over the years, you'll learn to live with it and it will die down. Plus I got circumcised at 27 with a new girlfriend, that sucked and was out of action for 6 weeks, do it while you're single if you can