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I'm 18, and for the last 6 my foreskin has become red, itchy, a little dry and hurts when I try to pull it back at all (which then causes urination to hurt quite a bit because of small tears). Before this happened, I still couldn't really pull my foreskin back during an erection, only a small opening, but it was enough that I could wash under there a little bit. But now I can't even see the head when flaccid, unless I go through a lot of pain, and even then it's only the very tip.

All the articals saying how to cure thrush I need to start washing more down there and apply creams but I can't if my foreskin won't let me. And I absolutely refuse to ever get circumsized. Whats the best course of action to cure this? It's driving me insane! And I really don't want to go to the doctors right away if I can cure this on my own.


Hi Jake,

If you can't retract your foreskin it makes it difficult to clean under it and can contribute to thrush.  If you do now have thrush, a yeast infection, you need to treat that before you can stretch your foreskin.

See a urologist.  You DO NOT have to get a circumcision even if they tell you to.  You DO need to get the thrush treated and they have steroid creams that can help you stretch the foreskin so it can retract.

Good luck.