Hi, I'm having excessive disharge after giving birth to my second child. I'm 29 years old, and my daughter is now almost 5 months. Even after my six weeks of healing (after giving birth), I still have this discharge and even my husband has notice a difference in discharge and even of smell. He describes it as the same smell after a heavy period, I instead feels that has a mild odor, almost like yeast. I have already have taken 3 treatments for an yeast infection (although the only symptom that I have is the discharge and it's not white). I for the first time have started douching, even though I know that is bad for me. I really need a piece of mind. I don't have health insurance and I just want to know what it could be. I do steel feel very hormonal (hot flashes and hot all the time, sometimes bloated). I also have a lot going on... I work full time in sales, so the pressure is always on, since I get paid on commission, I have a 4 year old and my new bundle of joy. Please help. Thanks