I had sex 4 weeks ago, for the first time in about a year it lasted about 10 minutes before I pushed him off of me cause he broke the condom and I made him buy me plan B. I had my period like normal at the end of that month and thought nothing of it. I'm also in a sport which involves morning practice I usually wear compression shorts an t-shirt and we don't have a locker room or showers so all I'm able to do after is use cleaning wipes and change my underwear. but last week I started to notice a strange white, chunky, sometimes clear foul smelling odored discharge from "downstairs". I asked the only person I could think of for help, my mom, and she said its probably a yeast infection so I started taking a whole bunch of probiotics, eating yogurt, I tried the peroxide and water douche treatment, and also the rePHresh gel, but even now it still hasn't gone away. I have no other symptoms besides the discharge and odor and I'm starting to get concerned because I think people can smell me in the hallways or in class cause I definitely can, and I don't wanna be the girl who stinks and its seriously stressing me out. I feel so embaressed and disgusting havining to write about this but im really panicked. please help?