TheTram Flap procedure should be abolished. Surgeons have no regard to the life long consequences of this procedure. It's bad enough to lose ones breasts, but to also lose your rectus muscles is not acceptable. As well as the fact that many surgeons do not discuss the >40% risk of hernia development nor lack of core strength that can cause severe back issues in the long term. The blood flow to the chest is also less robust than the DIEP Flap procedure and causes fat necrosis at the newly developed breast area. Yes, this can also occur in DIEP Flaps, but it's less likely unless there is comorbid conditons. There are so many women with complications after this procedure. It is not the preferred reconstruction method. The DIEP Flap is the preferred method. But surgeons that are unskilled or many variables such as time, finances and so forth, surgeons will keep suggesting this procedure to recreate breasts. To sacrifice ones muscles in the name of breasts is absurd. The surgeon may not also disclose loss of sensation down the abdomen with their patients. Although not as serious as hernia formation, it is mentally disturbing. Again, this surgery should be obsolete. We have many more options or for those that are open to this- no reconstruction. Please be upfront and honest with breast cancer women. And walk a day in the life of someone that has had this done without full disclosure.