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OK! I have been going to a doctor for 2 years since I had my c-section because I have been

having a lot of stomach issues. As of recently I took a trip to the emergency room because

I was having muscle spasms in my stomach and a lot of pain. They took an x-ray and a urine

test. They came into the room and told me everything was fine except I had a UTI. So they

gave me some antibiotics and I took them for the full 5 days I was suppose too. After a few

days passed by after taking the antibiotics the pain and spasms still persisted. So I took it upon

myself to get checked out by my doctor. They sent me for an ultra sound which showed I had an

enlarged spleen and that my left ovary was not there. I then went to have an MRI done and it

showed I had no left ovary, a surgical clip in place where my left ovary should be and an enlarged

spleen. Now I'm wondering what is going on because it feels like there is a knife stabbing me from

the inside and I'm all cut up. I have blood in my urine, my stool, and a warm burning feeling in my

stomach and it sometimes comes up in my throat. Any idea what could be causing this? Why my left

ovary would no longer be visible? I'm in pain and can't tolerate much more. I feel like I'm playing

this life threatening waiting game with these doctors.


You should get emergency surgery ASAP - the surgical clip has no place to be anywhere inside your body now... not to mention missing ovary! Contact the doctors who did the c-section, this looks like a major case of malpractice! The foreign body inside you seems to have caused an infection and that's why all these problems - you need help as soon as you can get it!


hi Akira, Just a word to you: the clips are used routinely and left in by surgeons. Made of titanium most often, they are believed by the medical community to be innocuous. I don't know what studies were done on them before they started using them so widely. I am looking into these clips myself because I have started having increasing pain and just found out I also have them from a total hysterectomy I had 12 years ago. But that is an area where drs.  are not concerned, only patients . Something more questionable and should raise eyebrows among surgeons of good repute is the fact that you had an ovary surgically removed during a routine c-section.  I am not a dr., a a health professional and I am surprised by this. If the dr. had simply found a diseased or problematic ovary during a c-section, I would think you would have been informed. The fact that you weren't makes red lights go off. Was it accidentally nicked in the operation started bleeding and had to be removed? I would start by asking the surgeon, getting a copy of any post-surgery written summary he made. Also look at the surgery release you signed to see what they listed as the common dangers of the surgery. There's a chance it's listed there. so he can claim you were told. good luck on finding answers. I hope and pray your pain will lessen and even disappear.




Did you ever discover what caused this. I have something similar. My x-rays show the clips but the CT does not and they said something similar that they must have removed my ovary. I have yet to have an mri on the area or other diagnostic imaging to see what is going on with my ovary or why the clip didn't show up on the ct scan. I went to the er because I was thinking that I had an appendicitis and they said that I had all the symptoms but the appendix was fine. They suggested to go see a gastro doc and gave me meds that made my symptoms worse. My question is did they even see the appendix or is the pain I was having due to them not seeing the clip/ovary? Any help would be highly recommended. What did they ultimately diagnose you with? Thanks in advance.