Hey everyone, It's always hard to find information on the website to help you understand what you're going thru. You find bits and pieces, but never all at once.. As for me, this will be surgery 4&5 in the last 4 months and i just wanted to say, so far, it's not as bad as others.. Which makes me wonder, what types had you had in the past.. Day one, i went in at 2:30p to prepare for my surgery, came to without a hitch. Of course i was then rudely woken up by the staff nurse who wanted to go home quickly.. Pain wasn't toobad, but i was passed out. Next day i was still lying around on the recliner since they say stay upright.. Pain was probably a 4 since i was taking my meds, which was cool at first. Day 3 my ears started to hurt and i couldn't take the taste of the liquid meds and they were starting to create heartburn and made me gag, so i switched to the pills. Now the pain level of day 4 kind of reminds me of strep.. It hurts, but it's bearable.. Food doesn't taste very welland I'm only able to eat little bites here and there. Day 3i ate eggs and a piece of toast, but day 4 my taste buds are challenging me, and my mouth feels very mucousy. Really wanting regular food, but it's weird.. Ears hurt slightly, throat hurts more when i think about it, but when I'm not doing anything, i feel ok.. I try to keep hydrated, but my biggest challenge so far is having the water backup into my nose.. Not a good thing.. Ok, hope this helps. I'm rambling while laying here on bed on my phone.. Good luck everyone.. Guess i wanted to post that I'm not dying like some have said, but it is only day 5..