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Hi All,

Good site here, have spent a while reading it. One thing that strikes me is eveyone finds the effects of Cannabis different, equally everyone finds different problems coming off it. Ive got a problem with withdrawal that I havent found anything on hence this post.

Background to this post - Ive been smoking weed at the rate of 4-6 joints per day for probably 6 years now. Been wanting to give up since the turn of the year and bit the bullet and booked a holiday where I knew I couldnt get any. It worked! I've been nearly 2 weeks off it now, back from holiday for 6 days, I feel great, amazing in fact, its more fun feeling myself come round than it ever was getting stoned. I dont crave a joint whatsoever. I can sit in a room with all my mates smoking, and not even want a toke. I leave early as I can feel the air getting to me!

Ive done the insomnia thing while I was away. At one point I probably slept 4-5 hours in one 72 hour period. It was truly hell, but I had no choice and so got on with it. Last 3-4 nights I have slept very soundly for 6-7 hours getting to sleep probably within 45 mins of going to bed. I am enjoying dreams again although the first night of good sleep. Night sweats havent been to bad which I was warned about. I smoke straights with a filter occassionally, probably 2-3 a day.It helps with the nicotine withdrawal and I'll cut that out by the end of the month I hope.

The biggest problem I am facing in coming off weed is day time drowsiness. This afternoon I literally felt worse than I ever have done stoned. I could do nothing, I passed out on the sofa for an hour. I once gave up for a month and this really affected me then. I do though wonder how long this will last, whats causing it and if theres anything I can do to reduce it?

Cheers all!


Above post was me, have registered since.

Last night I went to bed at 11.30, took 40mins or so I guess to nod off. Had some very, very vivid dreams that woke me up twice although I went straight back to sleep. I can remember the dreams now as clear as day. I got up at 7.30 when my alarm went off, its now 12.00 lunchtime and already Im starting to feel knackered.

Oddly enough, the last 2 days I have woken up at 7.29 before my alarm goes off. This morning, I woke up, leant over to see what time it was and within 5 seconds the alarm went off at 7.30. Yesterday the same but about 30 seconds before the alarm went off.....

I have no history of sleep waking, sleep talking or anything, even before I was a stoner.