I haven't taken concerta for three days now and I'm wondering when I'll stop feeling effects. I quit taking it because I couldn't exercise without my heart rate climbing sky high, which doesn't fly because I'm an endurance athlete. I only took Concerta for a week, and Adderall for about 3 weeks before that. So approx. 4 weeks total on stimulants, and never on a high dose - 20 mg a day for adderall and 18 mg Concerta (that said, I've got a really, really sensitive system because I never take meds). I've decided to deal with my moderate ADD in other ways.

As of now, I'm still experiencing rapid heart rate all day and higher than usual resting heart rate, and it's really easy to raise my heart rate while exercising (I hardly have to be working hard to get my HR up to 160 bpm, where I used to have to work hard to get it to 140). I'm shaky and nauseated much of the day and very tired. My blood sugar drops quickly, I feel dizzy, and too hot most of the time.

Is this because of the Concerta? How long will I have to put up with this? Is it normal or should I see the doc?
Is this because