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I know it's been a while since I have been around. I started my own business back in February and since then I have had no time for training. So I gained the 20lbs back I had lost and felt like "F it".

So I'm back...I put down the cheeseburgers and cheescake yesterday and went and bought myself a Polar HRM.

Now for my question. According to the HRM (based on the data I input) My max heart rate is 188. And according to the booklet that came with it, 60%--80% of MHR is the range to be in to burn the most fat. Which for me is 122-150 BPM.

So I went out today and for one hour I kept my HR between 122 and 150.

A few observations:

--It didn't take long to get to 150. (Of course I'm outa shape)
--My HR fell below 122 rather quickly once I stopped running.
--After 25 minutes or so it took very little running between rest to put my HR above 122.

My question:

Am I using this damn thing correctly?
Should I switch between fat loss runs (65%-80%) and endurance runs (80%-90%)?

I am interested in losing fat but it seems like it would be difficult to build on my distance using the HR method of training.

I look forward to y'alls thoughts.............



Welcome back. Good luck with your new business.
First, try and keep it under 75% or probably 145 BPM for you. Yes, it wont take long to get there and you will feel very slow in the beginning; but, that is where you need to be. Going higher puts you into no-mans training zone. To fast for aerobic and to slow for speed work.
2. Returning HR to 122 quickly is great. You may not have lost as much fitness as your thought.
3. That is OK. Your body remembers it has to get things moving again to regulate heat, sweat, warm up the muscles. This is a good thing.
Yes, you are using it correctly. You need to do at least 4 weeks of aerobic work to build up your endurance (< 75%). It will be easier to build up your distanc because you will be pacing correctly. Then you can start to add one day of speed work. This could be tempo run, intervals, fartleks, hill running.


Thanks Bob....good to know I'm on track.

I purchased a couple of books on HR training. Hopefully they will speak to me as a beginner and not as an advanced runner/triathlete.

Thanks again,


also remember that the whole 220 minus age is for the masses. establish your own Max HR before setting up the percentages. Everyone is different.

i Think Katzoo reccommended to me the book "Heart rate Training for the Compleat id**t." (yes complete is speeled wrong in the title)

i found it as a good explainer and clarified things for me. I can't say i live by it's training schedules though.