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My husband and I are tying for a baby. We are trying to pin point ovulation however the date I begin mentruation keeps changing. In November my first day of menstruation was the 15th, in December the 13th and this month on the 9th! I've always been very regular... this has only been changing the past 3 months which is how many months we have been actively trying to concieve. Could this be because we are having more sex?

Will this make it more difficult to pin point ovulation as I dont appear to have a regular cycle?

Can you aslo give me advice as to what would be the best ovulation chart to use and when we should be tying more actively to concieve?

Many thanks


Familiarise yourself with Cervical Mucous patterns. For a couple of days prior to ovulation you will notice a stretchy clear mucous - this is your fertile time. At other times of your cycle it can be cloudy, dry etc. Google EWCM (egg-white cervical mucous), good luck.