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I am 26 yr old and desperate to concieve. I used to have regular periods but not of 28 day cycle. My cycle varied from 30-35 days. I missed two periods in july and august, but I had in September. Between 12-15 days after my cycle in septermber we tried to concieve but I don't know whether ovulation occured at that time. Now I am expecting a period. All I found is little brownish thick discharge for two days with abdominal pain and a white discharge is followed. Does this mean ovulation? I hope someone will help to find out whats happening. We r trying to have a baby.


Hi. You said your last 2 cycles were abnormal compared to usual? Is the it discharge or blood that is brown? Brown (blood) is "old" blood. You could infact actually be pregnant. Some women do spot or have light bleeding in their pregnancy. I would suggest taking a HPT to see what it says. If you have any other symptoms you may want to contact your Ob/Gyn to see if they want you seen. Good luck!