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Today i noticed puss filled pockets on the inside of my daughters nose she is 5, the entire are around them is red, and only in one nostril, one of them was ozing greenish in color puss i ahve been looking trying to find an answer to no if i should be concerned or not, please help very worried i dont know if i should take her to the doctor or if it is just an irratation, are ther any disease i should be concered about that might cause this, thanks alot
Concerend mom


Hello there concerned mum

Was your daughter sick lately so the stuffy nose could be consequence of the cold? Usually people get frighten when they see green mucus but as a matter in fact they shouldn’t be because this usually means that our body is getting better.

Maybe your daughter didn’t want to tell you that she is feeling bad and maybe the infection wasn’t that serious but since she is only 5 it would be wise to check with your pediatrician what is going on just in case. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

In meantime you can watch out for her fever and increase fluids intake into her organism especially orange juice because of the vitamin C.