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I am seriously confused at this point and not sure what is wrong. I last had my period round about the end of February and was due to have it a couple of days ago but nothing has started. I have never really had UTI's till about 3 weeks ago. I went to the Dr as I was bleeding but not enough to fill a pad, and was obviously very uncomfortable. It seemed to have cleared but started again about 2 days ago, but this time with all the signs that my period is going to start but nothing happens. Tender breasts, moodyness, nausea, cramps. Went to Dr again to help with the UTI and they perscribed a second dose of meds, tested for pregnacy with urine and blood, but both were negative. Was it too soon to take a blood test and can it give me a false negative? I feel pregnant as it will be my second baby but clearly the test show negative.


You could be pregnant but your hormone levels are too low to show up on a test. I would wait about 2 weeks before testing again.