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Hi, Last month i went to a eye hospital for treatment for burning sensation on one eye during computer usage,they dilated my eyes and the ophthalmologist applied some pressure on bottom of that eye using his thumb for some seconds and he examined using his slit lamp & told me that i have some infection on eyelids and its caused by dandruff & he gave me some antibiotic ointment.

Since then i am worrying whether that applied pressure can cause damage to eyes or any illness like glaucoma and after that incident onwards i have slight eye pain/headache on that side i don't know whether its due to tension or some others.

can applying such temporary pressure can cause damage to eyes ?

thanks a lot in advance.


Hello there

I think that you are overreacting and that whatever you are experiencing now is just consequence of your fear. Maybe I am wrong but you are aware that so many illnesses are caused by state of our mind and after all the whole alternative medicine is based on positive thinking. The best thing you can do is to stop worrying about glaucoma, which is connected with the eye pressure but not in a way you think, and relax a little bit.

If you still experience painful sensation than visit your ophthalmologist again and let him know about this new problem. I am sure that he will resolve it if there is need.  Keep us posted and I hope that everything is fine.