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I hope someone has a solution to my annoying problem, for the past week the bottom left part of my eye has been twitching, now i don't feel it but i know its there cause people ask me whats wrong with my eye. It's not my bottom eyelid it's just under my eye and it looks like it's pulsing, sometimes it's slow and other times it's fast. Please does anybody have this problem and know whats causing it? I work in retail and it's getting very hard to look customers in the eye when they are focusing on my strange twitch.


Hello there


I think that you maybe overreacting. Twitching is common condition and sometimes happens without good reason. It can last for days and in some cases even months. People can notice twitching but rarely and someone needs to be very close to notice it so stop paying attention to the twitching when you are working and concentrate on your job.

Also there is one folk tale about eye twitching that my grandmother used to tell me. When your eye is twitching it means that you are going to see someone you love. If your left eye is twitching the person you are going to see is going to be woman and if the right eye is twitching you are going to see a man you love.

Anyway I hope that you have resolved your problem by now.