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I have been for a recent eyes test and was told everything was okay, however i have been experiencing in the last few months multiple headaches and my eyes very heavy and my eyeballs feel dry, i drink plenty but if i look up my eyes go all out of focus and my headache gets worse :/ whats going on !?


Most of us experience eye problems from time to time. This can be related to our job in most of the cases but with some others conditions and causes as well. Common eye problems include itching, blurriness or fatigue. Since I am spending my work day in front of my computer I have experienced all of these.  The tiredness and dryness of the eyes is probably just the consequence of your job or your life style and it will probably go away on their own.

Since you have visited doctors and they have said that everything is just fine than just try to change the way you are living. For example if you don’t sleep enough try to at least rest a little bit longer and increase the intake of water. I hope this was helpful.