I recently had a UTI, it infected my kidneys pretty bad so they gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my way. I didnt feel the kidney infection went away completely, so i made a fallow-up app. but was unable to see my original doctor. They tested my urine but found no remaining blood and told me it was probably just my back. It was hard for me to accept that answer, but my back has been giving me issues since a car accident but mainly it was my upper back and spine. so I lived with their diagnosis until my kidneys continued to hurt and bring ache to my lower back constantly, then soon it would be my neck and middle back also, and i noticed it would be worse or start to happen after i drank the night before, or have had alot of sugar. I feel tired alot, but dont sleep well at night due to the pain and sometimes I just cant sleep. Its hard for me to see a specialist, im always busy with work, and I live in such a rural area the doctors are limited unless I want to drive an hour from where I live, but like I said, its hard with my schedual. Is there any suggestions or ideas anyone may have that i could suggest to my original doctor or look into myself?