as the title says i had a drink last weekend bit more than i usualy would aswel...god noes how cos im usualy a light weight....anyways the next day i felt c**p an my liver and kidneys ached an stomach made all sorts of rumbling noises ? then a week passed an was normal again an this weekend jus had a couple quiet drinks 4 pints of cider to be procise then all was fine till 2 days after and i got the same liver an kidney ache an rumbling noises again but only this time when i was trying to sleep it felt like someone was sat on my stomach...this happend till late in the night after drinkin loads of water it disapeared an finaly slep...inm still havin the odd slight shooting pain not bad tho today....should i get checked out...i had ultra scan test a couple months bk now aswel as blood an all came back fine...i also drink alot of fizzy pop i dont suppose all sugary stuff is helping ? 

any help much appreciated :D