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Constant nausea, stomach pain, lack of hunger, gurgling stomach noises, bleching? I just started college and have been really stressed out and my eating pattern has been way out of wack. Aprroximatley three weeks ago I ate a lot of junk food one day, and my tummy didn't care for that so much, and it hasn't been the same since. And then aprroximately two weeks ago I started to have a sore throat and a cough, and a cough is common for me so I though okay whatevere. Then last Saturday I woke up super neasous and could barely eat. This neasousness has not stoped. Its constant. And the first couple of days (monday-thurs) I would feel like I would have to through up or go the bathroom (less graphic way to say it), and I could do neither. Now the constipation has gone away but I still feel neasous all the time. It is especially worse when I wake up (and NO there is no way I could be pregnant). I also have started to have some abdominal pain and my stomach keeps making growling/gurgling type noises. This is quiet honestyl ruining my life. Any ideas? Thanks so much!

Also, I feel like stress has a lot to do with this? Or maybe there is a digestive problem.


It sounds like you have the same thing I have which is gastritis. All your symptoms point to it. Google it and read about the different types and what you can do for it. I tell you this though, if it is gastritis be prepared to be sick for a LONG time..I'm going to get a second opinion soon becuz all the meds I'm taking aren't even putting a dent in it :( good luck!