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Hi, I'm 16 years old, and just yesterday I started to experience a slight (but constant) pain in my right testicle. I chose to ignore it.

However, today is the day after, and I can't help but feel as though this pain has gotten worse. I have checked this testicle and I found no lumps on it. But while examining it, as I touched a tube connected to the testicle (possibly the epididymis), I felt the pain even more. I concluded that this was possibly the culprit of the pain, but I am yet to see a doctor about it.

The pain began after wearing a pair of rather uncomfortable trousers yesterday. Is it possible that this is related?

I have recently seen the doctor about a different problem with my left testicle, which, they said, appears to be a varicocele. It seems to have only gotten bigger.

But back to my right testicle; I can still feel the pain now and it hurts constantly. It seems to have become increasingly uncomfortable to sit. I am taking Nurofen to help ease the pain.

So, is it possible that someone could give me a suggestion as to what this is?

-Constant pain in right testicle
-Seems to be the epididymis, but cannot be certain
-Began after wearing tight trousers
-Yet to see a doctor
-Is really starting to get on my nerves!!

Thanks so much for your time.


hey bro i have been feeling this pain since i was 15 years old. It's off and on for me and it will normally last for one to three days. I have seen a doctor about it once and he said it was like a nerve memory. Anyway, now i'm 23 and still experiencing what i have deemed my "hurty ball". I'm in the navy and on a submarine and I have talked to the doc about it only once but he said "see me at 1600" and left before then so who knows. See a real doctor while you can and don't accept some lame bs for an answer. Ask for a recommendation to an urologist to get it sorted out for reals.

Good luck bro.