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Dear Steadyhealth,

I am a 19 yo in good physical shape. I run, lift weights and MASTURBATE daily ;-). Just recently though I've decided to cut back on the masturbation. Last week I went 4 days before masturbating. Relapsed and then masturbated 2 times. I can't remember if I experienced pain then but I do not think I did. Now here I am back at it after another 4 day spree of no masturbation and I notice a dull pain in my left testicle RIGHT before ejaculation and during ejaculation. I have masturbated twice today and once yesterday and noticed the pain each time. I figured I should try to get back into my rhythm of doing it 1-2 times a day as I experienced NO problems when doing that. It now seems that by masturbating twice today that the pain has increased. Any words of advice? Is there something seriously wrong here?


Hi Guest,

If it continues see a urologist.

You may have epididymitis, an infection of the epididymis.  It can cause painful ejaculation. 

It MAY indicate that you have an STD, possibly chlamydia.  If you've been sexually active you should get tested.

No sex until checked.

Good luck.