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hi im a 33 yr old male. andin need of some advice real quick. sunday night i woke up to a severe pain in my left testicle i mean the pain was unbearable and i had to vomit twice. my girlfriend suggested i relieve my self and after 20 mins of pure agony i cum but there was alot of blood in my semen. the pain got a little easier and after taking a load of pain killers i went to the hospital in the morning. the nurse asked me for a urine sample and told me i had a very bad urine infection. he prescribed my antibiotics (macrodantin) and asked me to return to my gp in 1 week with another urine sample. well after taking just 2 of these tablets my left testicle swelled about 5 times its normal size. i had emenes pain still in my testicle stomach and thigh all on the left side. i started taking nurofen and within 2 days the swelling has gone but my testicle is the sizie of a large egg but its just all hard and the pain is still as bad. im going out my mind here as i dont know why this is happening.


Hi Guest,

See a urologist.  This is their area of expertise.

It sounds like epididymitis.  It is a bacterial infection of the epididymis caused by bacteria in the urethra getting into the epididymis.

Your symptoms fit, perfectly.  Treatment is antibiotics.

Hope it helps.