It started about 6 years ago I have got a constant ache in my stomach travelling down to my lower stomach later. Its sore after i have eaten.
My lower back is also sore.I have had an upper endoscopy which was clear apart from a double hernia which causes reflux sometimes. I have also had a bladder screening test which was OK. They have tried a lower endoscopy twice but has been to sore to complete this procedure I am at my wits end worrying in case it is something more sinister the doctor has prescribed a low dose of anatriptoline which seemed to ease it for a little while .My bowel movements has changed slightly to if i need to go i must go there and then also goes from runny to hard then back, stools also float i am 6.1 and down to 16stone 11 after trying to watch what I'm eating so I'm still over weight which wont help please help if you've got any suggestions thank you. I am a 43 year old male