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I have had all of the symptoms above, not sure what the problem is. My heart feels like its going to pop out of my chest, throbbing feeling. My stomach feels like I have major cramps ( not on my period nor even close to having it again) tuff time breathing and the lower left side of my back is killing me. I have been experiencing these symptoms for about a week and a half now. Not a clue what is wrong. Help anyone? Im 17 going on 18 female.


My stomach is bloated and looks like I am 9 months pregnant..I am 75 and 13 years ago had a Thorocotomy,and then Ganglionectomies T-4 thru T-8 down my back.For 13 years I have been in Chronic Neuropathy from the Surgeries.My back and stomach are "raw sore",internally and externally.I can't be touched as it feels as if I have been "burned",under my left breast and to my left back.Feels as if someone is using sandpaper on where it is sore.I am totally constipated and they took tests for Crohnes Disease.Have not got results yet,but I do not think I have symptoms of C.Disease.I do not have a good PM Care Doctor and they don't know what is wrong with me.Over the last 13 years,I have had nothing but pain and it NEVER stops.The Meds do NOT work..Anyone else out there with anything similiar?

Arlene in Oregon