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I am a 24 y/o f. %100 i know i am not pregnant. I have missed my last 5 periods and this past month i have a constant lower abdomen pain.. esp. when i work out or jog. sometimes when i go to the bathroom and stand up my stomach feels like its stretching too far too soon and causes a big discomfort for a few minutes. I have NO idea what this could be. My stomach off and on bloats up and will have a slight pain and feels like my stomach is swollen. my urine has no blood and is quite regular. I am more sensitive when i do have to go to the bathroom it is immediate at times.. and will have to rush to the toilet!




All the problems that you have described here sound to me like they might be caused by hernia. Is there a chance that you have problem with hernia? Have you lifted anything heavy in past several weeks? Problems that you are experiencing might also be caused by urinary tract infection. You said there is not blood in the urine but do you have any kind of pain while you urinate? Have you been using any kind of pain killers to avoid the pain that you have in your abdomen. Have you changed anything in your diet in past period that might affect negatively on your digestive tract.

I hope you will find the right cause of your problem.