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Hi all. For the past two days I've had a sort of constant pain in my gut, slightly above my bellybutton. It hurt so much the first night (monday) that it kept me up and I missed work the next day.

I can't imagine what it was. I did mix meat and dairy Sunday (the night before) and I rarely eat dairy, so I thought that might have been the cause.

Today it still hurt, sometimes more, sometimes less, but it never stopped fully. I ate very lightly today, soup and some whole wheat pasta, and the feeling definatley came back after eating.

Tea and warm baths help. If I get my mind off the pain, that helps too.

I'm going to see a gastroenterologist tomorrow, but I just wanted to see if anyone around here had some ideas on what it possibly could be.



It is good that you are going to see a doctor. Your description does suggest that there could be something wrong with your stomach or digestive system. Your tight stomach could be caused by anything from a H Pylori infection to ulcers or an intestinal blockage. Thankfully, you don't have time to freak out and search symptoms online too long because you are going to see a doctor very soon. The most useful thing you can do now is to write down all your symptoms and exactly when they started and under what circumstances they arise. This will help the doctor make a diagnosis faster. 



I have had the same thing for 5 days now. First my local GP said it was an ulcer which was later ruled as ridiculous as I am 23 and eat fairly healthy and haven't been under that much stress. It got really bad on day 2 and in the middle of the night I was taken to the hospital, where x-ray and ultrasound was done and 3 shots of morphene given over the next 24 hours for the pain. No other symptoms. I was on a drip, and the gastroenterologist concluded it was food poisoning of some sort. I was sent home feeling slightly better on day 3. Day 4 was the same, slightly better, but whenever I eat something it gets worse. I am only eating arrorroot mixture, toast with a bit of vegemite, staying away from all dairy and all other foods. Now I am in a wind pain stage, where after I eat I get severe pain due to wind and cramping in my abdomen. I ate a banana today and it completely undid me for the next 3 hours. I won't be going near a banana again for a while.
Does anybody have any idea what I (we) should do?


I got yesterday and my stomach was killing me overnight. I couldnt even sleep. I had to stay from school today. and im pretty much wondering if i should go see a doctor or just wait it off


you must take only liquid diet all day long including juices and shakes and fruits , salad in the afternoon .Try to avoid fried food for 2 weeks, after that start eating normal diet


I've recently had this and it was one of the worst pains i've ever had, good thing i have no job.

2 Weeks ago

Had leg pains so afterwards i took a kroger aspirin. Immediately after i took it i had the worst stomach cramps and back pains. Stomach hurt so much that i threw up from the actual pain not from nausea. I didn't realize that it was the aspirin so i ruled it out as stomach flu. I ate chicken noodle soup and yogurt for the next day and felt better.

1 Week Ago

Had a bad headache and took (the same) kroger aspirin. Same effects but worse. Had 2 hours of sleep. I hope this helps somebody

-don't take kroger aspirin or any type of pain killer that has aspirin
-eat food thoroughly
-eat lots of chicken noodle soups (high in sodium to kill the infection)
-eat yogurt (has a lot of immunities)


hey all im no doctor, but i have the same problem as you all.....
stomach tightness just above my belly button causing a difficulty in breathing.. im 19 and im a redhead. sometimes i wonder since redheads are so much more susceptible to illnesses due to an increased sensitivity to well... EVERYTHING. but reading this has changed my mind.
this started happening a few years ago. and i think i may know some of the causes...
i eat like a horse. i think overeating causes a lot of stress on the intestines and lower innards..

playing stressful video games is what i do. call of duty, half life, counter strike.. all shooting games in which lot of adrenaline is pumping through my veins for hours.. i think thats part of it. and stress. i have what some would consider a crazy family. theres a lot of yelling and stress around here. there have been random times when i have no pain and i can breath and it feels so wonderful! how people take advantage of a deep, satisfying breath.

this is what i do to help me feel better

how many times have you thought "oh im gonna die i cant breath" or something like that.. and come out just fine.
remember that and just tell yourself you're ok!
you have to do that
it starts in the mind.
sometimes thinking of, or watching comedy can do just the trick.
seriously laughter is the best medicine.

i take a deep breath (as deep as i can) and hold it and sorta push out on my stomach with my abdominal muscles --JUST A BIT-- not toooo much. and hold it for about 10 seconds or so then slowly breath out. i also find that leaning forward with my head below my waist and gently pull on my skin just above my belly button.. now i wouldnt go do this in public, but sometimes you think you're gonna pass out! so maybe just try it and take in a deep breath. i do this like 8 times or so until i feel it starting to ease up. sometimes you have to get tense before you can relax.

massage your stomach with deep kneading motion. i believe it is caused by a combination of things. like i said... constant stress, video games, posture on the computer. so work out some of the tightness.

look at your stomach while you're reading this. does it hurt right where your skin folds over??? learn your body and fix it. no one knows better than you. just notice what you eat, how you sit, when you're stressed and maybe you can change how it affects you. no doctor can help you. its what you do on a daily basis. im trying to change me.. now YOU change YOU.
heres a recap.
1 dont freak out. you're gonna be ok. God has his hands on everyone weather you want to believe it or not
2 eat less, give your digestive system time to catch up.
3 dont play stressful games if you do. and avoid stressful things, if you cant.... find a good stress reliever.
4 posture posture posture
5 deep breaths.
with love, God bless everyone!!!


Hi Samueljaybrown.
My daughter had the same problem and she's not a redhead, doesn't overeat and doesn't play stressful computer games.

We have found that a tight chest and a feeling of difficulty breathing can be caused by several things: low carbon dioxide levels in the blood, anxiety, food intolerances, reactions to preservatives in food products, exhausted adrenals, asthma and GERD. There might be more, but these are examples of some triggers we have found out about.

Preservatives can cause a tight chest. These are often found in fruit juices and fruit desserts and tinned foods. Some vitamin C eases the symptoms rapidly for my daughter when this happens, although she tries to avoid preservatives completely.

Food intolerances can give her a tight chest too when they cause inflammation in her stomach after eating. This causes a tight feeling to travel to her neck as well and it is called GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disorder). It can be eased by taking care not to inflame the stomach with food that causes the problem. My daughter uses essential ois to reduce the inflammation, but only oils made to therapeutic standard like Young Living Essential Oils as there are chemicals in so many other brands of oils and they will cause other bad reactions for her. Some people also say that taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water helps instantly, but we haven't tried that out as my daughter doesn't like the smell of the vinegar.

When my daughter was having so many of these GERD attacks the doctor thought she might be having mild asthma attacks and started her on steroids to reduce the inflammation but these didn't help her very much so she had to taper off using them. Instead someone told us about the Butekyo method and it was a huge help. It is similar to what you are doing to cope with your breathlessness attacks. We purchased the DVD and my daughter started doing the exercises and it was marvellous because she could actually breathe properly again. This method has been proven in hospital studies to work even for asthma attacks.

My daughter's main problem was the GERD, at least it seems like it is to me. So she doesn't eat hot food, or acid producing foods and she tries not to miss meals at the regular time because all those things can cause inflammation of the stomach and that causes GERD and the feeling of not being able to get a deep breath, or breathe normally. That happens to me too if I ingest preservatives used in some food products and in takeaway foods. The Butekyo Breathing system helps me too and so does taking some Vit C (Calcium Ascorbate - not a huge amount though).

If we have regular sleep and reduce our stress then our adrenal glands can usually cope with these problems, but if not, these tight chest attacks come on and cause breathing problems, muscle paralysis and a feeling of impending doom - not very nice experiences at all.

I would go to a doctor and have an oxygen saturation test done on my breathing if I were you. It is non-invasive, painless and and proves whether you are actually getting enough oxygen in your blood or not. My daughter's blood oxygen saturation was regularly between 100%and 98% which was nothing to worry about at all, so it proved that it was only a feeling of not being able to breathe that worried her. This was caused by her low carbon dioxide levels. The Butekyo method DVD explains why it is vital to increase the carbon dioxide levels and this relieves the feeling of not being able to breathe in and get a good breath. The DVD explains it better than I can. I think some information is on the internet too about it.

Adrenal glands can become exhausted through stress, whether self-inflicted or otherwise (late nights, food intolerances, mental and emotional problems etc) . If you exhaust your adrenal glands they cannot then produce the hormones you need to function correctly. The body's progesterone is converted into cortisol to cope with stress, leaving a deficit of the other hormones. If you have proper regular sleep and nutritious meals, and reduce your stress, increase your physical exercise
you'll go a long way to improving your health. That's been our experience anyway.

Hope you too can get some relief from your tight chest and breathing difficulties.


Everyone has mentioned quite a few things. Although it wuill be highly up to stress. Most things are especially when connected to the stomach.
Im only 20 and have been having stomach problems from i was 11.
Only last year did my doctor suggest gettin checked for allergies. Although i am allergic to dairy products and food flavour enhancer, i still got the pains frequent.
I went to a private clinic. Found out i have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is very very common. Some doctors also know it is a brain-gut axis. Strong feelings of emotions ie depression, stress overly happy even can trigger your stomach and will cause great distress. It causes headaches, stomach spasms, now some of the other symptoms havnt been mentioned but maybe because people didnt connect them, but also wind, diarroeha, constipation, even in the mornings the constant feeling of needing to urinate. It also as ive noticed causes tightness in the chest. So if the issue hasn't been resolved maybe ask your doctor to test you for it.

Tho a quick warning would be that with IBS there's no cause as to why you got it and no cure, as each symptom comes along you just have to get different treatment for each. There is also different counsellings to try which help you control your emotions to a standard amount to help ease your stomach. Also VSL#3 is brilliant for helping and pepperment oil tablets are a miracle for settling you stomach and chest if any of this is any help.


Thank you so much...this really helped me. I have been having stomach pain for a couple of days, and I am going to try the stretching thing. And thank you for sharing your Faith. I too believe that God is in control and I am going to try to trust him more. Thanks a lot and God bless you too!


iv had the same stomach pain and have gone to the hospital the nurse has told me there is no cure for trapped wind which aparantly is one of the most painful abdomen pains there are. ive been taking windeze regularly and this has helped but when i eat the pain becomes unbearable. the nurse said stay away from foods tht u no give u gas so fruits some veg high pottasium foods and high salt/sodium foods. yoghurt and tea drinks help a lot!! the windeze helps things pass and after 5 days of agony im able to move around a bit now


Have any of you had the test for Heliobacter Pylori? Have any of you had your results back? This bacteria is prevalent and normally without symptoms but can lead to ulcers & stomach cancer?


Sorry I meant Helicobacter Pylori. Please excuse my typo.


Have any of you had the test for Helicobacter Pylori? Have any of you had your results back? This bacteria is prevalent and normally without symptoms but can lead to ulcers & stomach cancer?


Helicobacter pylori ( H. pylori ) is the bacteria responsible for most ulcers and many cases of stomach inflammation (chronic gastritis).

The bacteria can weaken the protective coating of the stomach, allowing digestive juices to irritate the sensitive stomach lining.