I was first directed to over the counter anti-acid remedies for my intense GERD symptoms, then Prevacid for two years (which worked). Now, after 2 years using Prevacid, although I no longer have the dramatic nausea, hiccups, and regurgitation after beginning a meal (especially a fatty or spicy one before using Prevacid), for a couple months now I am suddenly plagued by lot of gas, mainly burping. I'm told I burp a lot when I sleep through most of the night.

Does anybody have any ideas about this?

A guy named Tubby, who wrote in on 08/03/03, had the same symptoms, but his message reply function has been turned off. I would like to know what success anyone who has had symptoms like his or mine may have had.

Before being prescribed the Prevacid, I had a complete upper and lower GI . I also had an exam down through my esophagus into my stomach. The only thing found was some diverticulitis and a small longstanding hiatal hernia that I’ve known about for decades. That's it. I drink very little alcohol. I do drink perhaps 5 cups of coffee or sometimes more per day. I quit coffee for two weeks and that seemed to help only a bitt. My blood test results are normal for everything.